Cook N Comfort Marbled Anti-Fatigue Mat

Brighten up your cooking experience with the superior Cook N Comfort Marbled Anti-Fatigue Mat. Transitional solid colors easily complement already existing home decor for a simple and chic design. This mat is made of polyvinyl foam for better posture and long-lasting comfort while you perform all of your daily kitchen tasks. With an exceptional blend of function and modern style, this luxe anti-fatigue kitchen mat is ideal for wherever you may stand often to enjoy continuous relief while you work, cook, or clean. Place this mat under your kitchen sink, alongside your stove, in your laundry room, bathroom, or even at the foot of your desk for a chic, cushioned step. While spills and strains often occur in the kitchen, this mat is sure to clean up easily with a damp cloth or sponge and will resist stains and color fading over time. Finished with a beautifully embossed textured top, the mat is both fashionable and functional. Help relieve stress and aches on your feet, back, and joints all while improving your home’s décor with this beautiful and functional kitchen mat.

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